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Elovisa Big Holding (Younes) With more than 20 years of experience in dispatching applicants of immigration we are one of the few institutions with an official license in the field of international employment that has been operating in Iran under the name Younes since 1997. An extremely strong and experienced management team inside and outside Iran has always made this path easier for us. If you need skilled and unskilled workers, we have a large number of candidates of different ages and areas of expertise who have passed their social and career background checks by various tests. At our request, our company and its records have been given guarantees of honesty and performance. Checked by the Iranian government, they are made available to employers upon request of the curriculum vitae and the German language certificate. If you are planning to emigrate legally and safely, or if you want to continue your studies abroad at famous universities in the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, the UK and Scandinavian countries or if you have decided to emigrate by investing we are there for you to offer the safest and simplest methods.

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